SAGENT is proud to add ZOLEDRONIC Acid Injection to our growing family of products. Available in 4 mg and 5 mg per 100 mL ready-to-use premix bags, SAGENT’s ZOLEDRONIC Acid is preservative-free and not made with natural rubber latex. It is packaged in non-PVC premix bags that are also DEHP-free.
SAGENT’s ZOLEDRONIC Acid Injection premix bag features PreventIV Measures Packaging and Labeling, our comprehensive, user-driven and patient-centered approach that can help reduce the risk of medication errors. PreventIV Measures features include unique label designs and distinctive colors for every presentation to help customers distinguish among different products. By differentiating the packaging and labeling on each of our specialty injectable products, we are striving to make accurate drug selection an easy and obvious choice.